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Wastewater treatment from the meat processing industry

editor:admin │ Release time:2018-08-14 

The cold meat that people eat in daily life, the processing and manufacture of ham, the semi-finished cooked meat, the braised meat, etc. all belong to the production and processing range of the meat processing industry. During the whole production and processing process, a large amount of production wastewater will be generated, and the wastewater is mainly Containing animal fats, proteins, minced meat, etc., as well as slaughter wastewater, blood pollution, visceral washing wastewater, etc., can be imagined according to the whole process. The main pollutants in meat processing wastewater are some organic substances, and the biochemical performance is good. Effective treatment with meat processing sewage treatment equipment.

Although the wastewater has good biochemical properties, most of the organic matter in the wastewater is in the form of macromolecular organic matter. Therefore, the biological treatment of the wastewater is not directly carried out using conventional biological treatment methods, so that the general microorganism cannot directly decompose the wastewater. The macromolecular organic matter can only use small organic substances. According to this principle, we design meat processing sewage treatment equipment, and set up a hydrolysis acidification tank in the front part of the whole equipment to pre-treat the macromolecular organic substances in the wastewater. After hydrolysis and acidification, the macromolecular organic matter in the wastewater is broken down into tiny organic substances that can be utilized, so that the wastewater can be completely decomposed in the subsequent biological treatment stage, and the wastewater can reach the required discharge after the treatment. standard.